We are in knowledge that the basic rule for the firms to be constant in the market is customer satisfaction.
We are active in socks & underwear area and our main aim is  to perfom the customers’ requests correctly and completely at first and always without compromissing quality as Ada Tekstil A.Ş.
We accord the contracts which we have had with our customers by achiving the cusmomers’ terms and quality needs.
Firstly our administrators and all of our staff make an effort to shift our company’s success to the best level by participating to develop our Quality System regularly,planned and systematicly.
We are in the knowledge that we have to ;

  • Respect to intelligence,
  • Respest to human, human re-sources, other re-sources and to use the time more efficient,
  • To improve the working environment
  • To cooperate with suppliers healthy,
  • To make the work processes efficient,
  • To carry out the legal responsibilities,
  • To work with team spirit with constant improvement aim.

In order to achive our main aim above.
We will make this our policy to be transfered and maintained to all stuff who are working in our plant.
The point which must be remembered always is :
Quality is respect and Quality brings prestige.